patience rewarded


new beginning-finished

…and, my personal favorite…

on the bed


the original (left) and mine (right)

the original quilt, made by barbara stoner, is on the left.  my attempt at reproducing barbara’s beautiful quilt is on the right.

-started december 26, 2008

-finished february 11, 2010

needless to say, i’m still loving this quilt. 🙂


40 thoughts on “patience rewarded

  1. Absolutely beautiful!!!

    I love the feel and drape of hand quilting over machine quilting. Hand quilting is excellent therapy for me. Rocking that needle back and forth, having quiet time to relect while my hands are busy, seeing the progress as time goes on, putting in the last few stitches… soothes my mind, heart and spirit.

    Thank you sharing your masterful work.

  2. Truly wonderful…If I were you, I would keep sneaking back into the room to look at it throughout the day!
    Nice to see those quilts that are still being hand quilted!

  3. Beautiful! I am a nurse and vividly remember how demanding nursing school was. I can’t believe you got this quilt done AND go to school. I love all the quilts you have shown on your blog.

  4. i just had to let you know what i thought when i saw your quilt -OMG what an absolutely stunning quilt . Sincere congratulations, it is truly beautiful-speechless

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