stranger blows into town

liberated star

well now, it’s been awhile, hasn’t it?  breaks are all fine and good, but 3 months is more like an extended vacation, don’t you think?  so sorry, but couldn’t be helped.  so very much to catch you up on.

so, i *think* it’s safe to say that winter is DONE.  i usually say that come may, but i was proven wrong this year!  snow in may.  crazy.  but june?  surely not in june.  and guess what?  i made it through…ALIVE!  didn’t see that one coming, so i didn’t.  does this mean i can do a victory dance?  those giants didn’t win afterall! 🙂

quilting time has been very, very few and far between.  but, i get done what i can with the time i have…that’s all i can ask, yes?  since starting the quilting back in march (i think), i haven’t gotten very far.  eight blocks done and some sashing strips to be exact.  again, i do what i can when i can (and i just keep on repeating that to myself).  oh, and those sashing strips?

free-hand feather

totally free-hand feathers, thank-you-very-much.  i avoided them for quite some time once i decided what i wanted to do.  now, i love doing them!  so freeing.


i’ll keep plugging along at it.  i have a “summer break” (a whole 12 days.  yippee.) coming up and i plan on doing nothing but quilting, i swear.  quilting and sleeping.  quilting and sleeping and sitting on my porch.  yes…sounds wonderful.

lots more news to share with you-very exciting stuff, infact.  i hope to hop back here later in the week and fill you all in.  so many changes in my life right now!  🙂


13 thoughts on “stranger blows into town

  1. Boy am I glad to see you back again! I have missed your wonderful quilting pics. How is school going? I don’t envy you one bit. Glad to hear from you, Elaine

  2. Hi Are you done school and a working nurse now? Glad to hear you have quilting plans in your days off. The read thread is very pretty. So is the quilt. Welcomeback just in time for summer.

  3. Wonderful to see you back again!!!

    I am so glad to hear those giants didn’t win!!!

    Love your quilting. Enjoy your summer break, sounds like a perfect 12 days to me!

  4. Nice to hear your voice again.
    Seems as if I’m hearing that you get a lot done. Maybe not as much quilting as you would like, but the balance will change again someday. Enjoy what you can!

  5. What a blessing to my day to see you have posted!!! Daughter #2 has graduated from nursing school, so I can only imagine what you are facing – I’ve heard it all from her. I hope you are hanging on and doing well.

    I do have to say that your hand quilting does inspire me. I picked up hand quilting a couple years ago after I started reading your blog. The fact that you are doing this plus everything else on your plate has made me wonder what’s my excuse for not finishing my project. I have a stack of quilts that need to be finished off. Seeing this quilt has inspired me, and I just may get it off the rack tonight and back into the frame.

    Best wishes for your success at school. Thanks for posting again, and I hope we hear more from you when you have the time.

  6. can you please “update” your “up to date”??? what’s going on with your life? school? nursing??? you left us hanging………hope all is well~

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