filling in the spaces from march until present:

1.  i got a job! 

last fall, i got to thinking about how i have very little to put on my resume seeing that i haven’t worked outside of the home for over 20 years.  that needed to change.  i knew where i wanted to work thanks to a 3 month clinical rotation i did there last summer, but also knew that it was hard to get hired on there.  i talked with some of my instructors and the director of nursing at school and learned that this particular place usually hires in-house.  okay, i was willing to work my way up.  two applications and two interviews later, i landed a job. 🙂 

i’ve now worked there over 2 months and i absolutely *love* it.  i am only working 2 days a week, but i knew that i needed to get my foot in the door before graduation if i wanted to work there as a nurse. 

getting that first paycheck was so strange, in a good way.  🙂

2.  we’re selling our house.

didnt’ see that one coming, did ya?  well, it’s been in the works for awhile now….several years, actually.  downsizing and a smarter lay-out are the main reasons.  we know that we would never be able to keep up with this house and property once we got oldER;  just a fact of life.  we’ve talked and talked about it, but never actually did something about it until last fall.  we just decided that talking about it wasn’t getting us anywhere (brilliant, aren’t we?). 

we started looking at pre-existing homes.  not fun.  our criteria was that the home had to be newer (5 years or less), smaller than our current home, closer to hospitals and grocery stores, etc (that whole driving 30-45 minutes to get anywhere lost its luster a long time ago).  we also wanted public utilities (can’t see ourselves pulling a sub-pump at 65), but still have that ‘country’ feel.  this home had to have all of the necessities (master bedroom, laundry, bathroom) all on one floor.  we wanted at least one entrance to have no more than 1 step to get into the home.  we also weren’t willing to buy something that was almost all of that, and then move in and do the remodeling that would make it exactly what we wanted either.  been there, lived that, and am retired from it.  quite the list, isn’t it?

well, we didn’t find that home, and  the main reason is that  it seems that almost all of your newer homes today are HUGE.  folks, i don’t want to clean all of that!  it would just be a waste of space and money.  even my husband, who is a fan of large homes, agreed.  finally, after months of touring too many big homes that wasn’t exactly what we wanted or where we wanted, we realized that we needed to go back to plan a…

3.  we’re building a home.

i know, what a time to be doing all of this!  going to school 4 days a week, working 2 days a week, and keeping that 4.0 gpa…and now, building a home?  crazy. 

we had talked about building a home about 19 years ago, before we bought this house.  at the time, it seemed like too much of a hassle, and we wanted out of the home we were living in rather quickly (hated the area), so we decided to just buy a pre-existing home instead.  i can’t say that i regret it, because our wants at that time were so different than what they are now.

at this point, step one is already done.  we bought a piece of land last month, and we love it.  it’s in a wonderful community, has all public utilities, definitely has the ‘country’ feel that we were looking for, but is only 5 minutes away from a real grocery store.  5 minutes, people!  we will be 12 minutes away from a huge mall, which makes certain members of the family very happy, too.  the bonus is, i’ll only be 10 minutes away from my work and our church (we are now 1 hour away from both of those places). 

our ‘wish list’ wasn’t a small one, and it took looking at a lot of different places to find exactly what we were looking for, but it paid off in the end.  we already have our builder and plans, too.  again, no small task.  right now, all we are doing is waiting on the excavator to check out the property for an estimate,  sign the contract, and then we are good to go.  when we start to build will depend on when we sell this house though.

living where we do, we could never leave this place sitting empty and feel comfortable.  there are no close neighbors.  someone could come in here and trash the place and we wouldn’t know about it for a long time.  we are mortgage-free with this place and have been for over 7 years, so building now would be so easy, but we aren’t willing to take the chance in leaving it sit empty and possibly losing the equity in it.  plus, there is no way that we could keep up, physically, with 2 homes.  we have a huge yard here that takes almost 4 hours to mow.  driving an hour to come up and mow at least once a week 6 months out of the year?  it isn’t going to happen.  so, we will finish getting all of our ducks in order with the building of the new home, and then we’ll just wait for awhile.  we’ve already had 2 couples wanting to buy our home (which has only been for sale for a month now), but their credit prevented them from getting the money.  several others have been interested, but needed to sell their homes to be able to afford this home.  these bumps in the road happen.  we’ll get there, and we’ll be getting exactly what we want, and where we want it. 


i’ve lost another 10 pounds.  really though, is it any wonder after reading all of the above? 😉  i’m now at a weight that i haven’t been at since b.c- before children.  it’s been 20 years since i’ve weighed what i do now, and the thing that stuns me the most is, i didn’t set out to lose this amount.  for years, i struggled with trying to lose more, only to be disappointed.  who says that your metabolism dies at 40?  not true!  mine just seems to have woken up.  the time i put into running probably is the main reason.  i absolutely love my morning runs though and really feel lousy when i have to skip them due to time restraints.  i will say that i hope the weight loss does settle out, because i’m not looking to go buy another new wardrobe anytime soon.

so, now do you understand why i took a little break?  as i said, lots on my plate at the moment!  i’m really looking forward to my 12 day summer break starting next thursday, obviously.  once i start back to classes in early july, i’ll set my sights on gwen’s retreat in september to get me through. 🙂


12 thoughts on “up-to-date

  1. Glad to hear you got a job/career and you like it. I do hope you enjoy your new home. We are getting ready to put ours up for sale and move out of NJ. It is exciting isn’t it?!? Enjoy your much deserved break. Healthy and happy. 🙂

  2. Well, yes…your plate is full. Congrats on it all though. Life is really looking rosey and once it is all done, you will be so happy. Can’t wait to hear about all the progress. Good luck on selling the house, but it sounds like you won’t have too long to wait.

  3. Thanks for the update; I feel as though I know you from reading your blog for so long. Hope things continue to work out well for you and for your family.

  4. Yowzers, girlfriend!!! Each paragraph was more exciting than the last. My sincere best wishes to you and your family through all of these changes!!! Blessings to you, sweet thing!

  5. Oh darn….I couldn’t find an e-mail address for you to respond regarding the Gwen retreat. Would it not be great if we were going at the same time?!!! I had to run and go get my palm pilot to look at the schedule. We will be there from Sept. 21-26. When are you going? Say it is the same week!!! Thanks for stopping in on my blog, too.

  6. I’m glad to see that you are back! I’ve missed reading your blog. I’m not at all surprised that you had to take a break though. Enjoy building your new home!!

  7. Hi Tracey, it’s me again…
    Well I’ve worked my way back thru to the present day and now I’m sitting having my breakfast (toast and vegemite) and have just looked at your Back Basting pages…
    I’m stunned…In my quilting life (that’s quite a few years) I have never seen this method. How amazing, I am definitely going to give it a go. I’ll let you know how I get on.
    I have a ‘perpetual applique’ quilt on the go, it’s only called the perpetual applique because I started it …well I can’t even remember how long ago I started it, at least 8 years ago, and it’s really on the home straight now, only one border strip and a bit to go.
    I’ll try this method on it.

    Also, love the Susan McCord quilt, I’ve seen a couple of repro’s here in Aus. Keep it up, it’s ‘gunna’ be gorgeous.

    And love the crosses with the stars and especially your version with the ‘kooky’ stars, kooky in a nice way, maybe Ishould have said quirky.

    Hope things aren’t lost in translation…
    ‘gunna’ is Aussie slang for “going to”
    Vegemite is a brown stuff we spread on our toast for breakfast, it’s an Aussie institution.
    Kooky is a good thing.

    Ciao for now…

  8. Awesome report, Tracey. I don’t know how your life could get any fuller and it’s admirable that you know enough to be enjoying it. Such a role model for your girls. Great to hear from you!

  9. Hey Tracey!
    I’ve been away from blogging myself and just now read your update. Sounds fantastic to me! Life can be exhausting at times, but it sounds like you are moving in the right direction! Thanks for taking the time to give us your update.

  10. Your blog has been quite an inspiration for me this year! I am also a quilter and homeschooling mom in her 40’s who has decided to go back to college and get a nursing degree! Three of my 4 kids are in University now and with the economy the way it is…I decided that it is now or never-and some days I wish it was NEVER! I worry about grades and getting into the program and being so OLD and not having enough time to QUILT and making sure my youngest gets his schooling done and, and, and…! It is encouraging to see/read how you are “doing it all” and finding time here and there to accomplish some fun things. I wish I had finished college when I was too stupid to know how hard it is…but then I wouldn’t have this wonderful family…!
    Anyway, thank you again for the beautiful and thoughtful posts. Please keep them coming whenever you can!
    Have a great day!

  11. Are you ever coming back to blogland?? 😦 Would LOVE to know what’s going on in your
    life ~ an update, or two would be wonderful! How’s school going? My 18 yr.old daughter is in her third week of her freshman year of nursing at Belmont University in Nashville! She is loving it so far! I so enjoy hearing your tales….

    Hope all is well in your life~

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