biqr-insprised by gwen

i think now is a good time to reflect on my time spent with gwen and 18 other wonderfully creative women seeing that the majority of my sewing room is packed at this time.  😉

the drive was long but uneventful.  even though i left home around 6 am, i didn’t arrive at the lodge until around 4:30 that evening.  it was very windy and quite chilly for early september, but that fact didn’t bother me at bit…i was there to quilt.

the first evening, we all introduced ourselves and got to know one another.  then we shared some of our works-in-progress which turned out to be very inspiring.

the next morning, gwen had her own show-and-tell, which was just as inspiring.  her work just makes my creative fingers swoon!

…just a small sampling of what she had with her.  after that, we were cut loose and told to let our creative side have full control.  next post, i’ll share with you the fabulous products of that liberated week.


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