so here we are


it’s been a bit over 2 weeks since we moved, and i do believe that i may have survived.  it wasn’t pretty at times, and the broken tailbone (after a less-than-graceful fall down the rental house’s basement steps) surely didn’t help things much, but no matter, i lived.

the closing for our (now) old home was on october 20th and everything went well.  surprisingly, it feels so freeing to not be a homeowner!  we’ve never rented either…and that’s a rather freeing feeling as well, although my thrifty side will get the best of me and i’ll start squawking about paying out the rent money each month.

when my husband and i decided (way back last fall) that 2010 was going to be the year that we did something about all that talk that we’ve thrown around through the years about building, our girls reacted to it in quite different ways.  my youngest (who is a homebody like me) was good with it.  sure, she was going to miss a few things here or there, but she wasn’t looking back over her shoulder when it came time to leave.  my oldest was another story;  she had always thought that the house was always going to be there for her when she left,  no matter how old she was.  you couldn’t talk to her about moving without tears being shed.  i guess she just thought that the ‘talk’ that her dad and i had about moving all those years was just that….talk.  when the offer came in that actually sealed the deal though, she was all smiles.  yeah, it was time to leave.

after living in the home for 18 years, and putting so much of ourselves into it, i must admit that i am surprised that i don’t miss it.  even though i felt that i said “good-bye” to that house a few years back, i really thought that there would be some big surprise melt down when it came down to walking out the door for the very last time.  there wasn’t.  for any one of us.

a few days before we officially left (we spread out the moving ordeal over a couple weeks time), i headed outside with camera in hand, capturing some memories for years to come.  just some sweet little spots that i want to keep fresh in my mind, always.

grandma's rose of sharon

my grandma’s rose of sharon bush that my husband and i dug up before they sold her house after she died.  i just felt the need to bring a piece of her little town yard with me, out to the country, and watch it thrive.  this little bush brought me many years of beautiful flowers, and for that i’m thankful.  i decided not to bring it with me though.  it’s home was there, alongside the fence row.  i know that she would’ve approved.

the girls

i do miss these girls, i admit.  so comical to watch, and i loved hearing their faint clucks as i worked in my kitchen.  the new owners (a retired couple) desperately wanted them, and i obliged.  it seems as though she had chickens when she was a young girl, and they brought back sweet memories for her.  i’m sure they are spoiled rotten by now, and wondering why we didn’t leave sooner! 😉


my lavender.  loved smelling it, but really had to fight to keep it alive with our winters out there.

about 13 years ago, my husband and i decided that we were going to start a little orchard on part of the property.  we had mostly dwarf trees because we didn’t want to wait a long time for the results, however, we did buy a few standard apple trees and planted them.  for years we watched them grow into some gorgeous trees, but very few apples were produced that were usable. that is, until this year.  2010 was the year that my apple trees went all out and gave us some wonderful tasting, large apples.

too bad we missed part of the harvest due to being so busy packing up!  i’m sure the deer and bunnies feasted well.

early morning

the porch, i will always miss.  it was the one thing that i knew that house was begging for all those years.  it saw a lot of laughs and provided relaxation and reflection time.  in 100 years, when it’s sagging and not looking as bright and inviting as it does now, i’ll be able to say that i was the first to sit on that porch, and can share how it all came to be, so many years beforehand.  wait…that would mean i’d be 141.  okay…never mind. 😉

moving on, moving forward and turning the page.  you only live once i keep telling myself.  it was the right time to act on our dreams…and i can’t wait to watch it all start taking shape.


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