looking back; looking forward

as i look down the road to 2010, i sense a lot more changes coming my way.  if i let myself dwell on it, i’ll start to worry which gets me nowhere.  instead, i’ve found that the best way to take it all is one day at a time.  it’s something that i’m still working at, but when i’m able to keep my focus on what is in front of me, i breathe a lot easier.

(~what i had to say last year at this time~)

oh, if i had only known the changes headed my way.  my goodness, the worrying i would’ve done.  never did i think, while sitting at my dining room table on january 4, 2010, that a year later i would be living an hour away in a rented house while our new home was being built.  So many changes…

~i started back to work after being out of the workforce for 20 years

~we decided to build a home

~i retired from home-schooling after 15 years

~we sold our home that we had lived in for 18 years

~ we moved

it would be unfair to say that 2010 wasn’t good to me.  there have been so many wonderful changes in my life: i have another year of school done  and only 7 more weeks until i graduate; my marriage has become something straight out of a fairytale; we spend a whole lot less time driving; we are building our dream home.  all good and wonderful things, but they all involved a whole lot of stress, work and change.

i had sensed that 2010 would be full of change, but i just couldn’t figure out how that change would take shape.  that change appeared in april and barreled it’s way through the year.  have i mentioned how badly i deal with change? 😉  it just throws me all out of sorts; i’m a creature of habit.  it has been a learning experience with lots of stretching, bending and adapting.

2011 is probably going to be full of the same, although i’m hoping that it’s not as severe.  with graduation in february, starting to work *as a nurse* in march (yes, they offered me a job! 😀 ), boards in april and moving again in/around may or june, i’m exhausted just thinking about it all.  but, once i plow my way through all of that, i’m really hoping and praying for some PEACE, QUIET and QUILTING.

change, and learning how to deal with it (or better put, how NOT to successfully deal with it) were the lessons of 2010.  the week that i’ve had off of school (minus the paper that i’ve been working on) has given me new resolve to form a better attitude about it all and be more flexible.  afterall, the end is in sight, and the other side sure does look good. 🙂


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