three years ago this may, i made the decision to act on a dream that i’ve had since i was 12 (that’s a long time ago, just in case you were wondering!).  i had no idea what i was in for.  determination and a whole lot of prayers was about the only things that got me through all of those hours of sitting through lectures, hundreds of hours of clinical time, and studying.  nursing, and nursing school was nothing like i thought it would be.

during all of this, i also made a lot of changes in my personal life.  again, not an easy (or comfortable) process at times.  in looking back over the past 3 years, i can honestly say that the choices made were good ones and only proved to improve the person i am becoming.  all of this sure has made me tired though!

now that i have a whole lot of extra time on my hands while i await taking my state boards, i’ve had time to do things that has been neglected for way too long:  lunch dates, reading just for the heck of it, facials with friends.   my creative brain has kicked into overdrive;  i can’t get enough of fabric and brainstorming and working with needle and thread.  i’m gorging myself on the domestic arts that i love so dearly but had to take a back seat for a time…and i’m not feeling even the slightest hint of guilt. 🙂

yes, it was a long road…a very long and sometimes rough road.  i’m a better person for it all though, and i’m so glad that i found the courage to do it.  30 years of dreaming about it and 3 years of working my tail off, but i can now finally say “i’m a nurse”. 8)


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