a couple of months ago, when my life was at the height of craziness, i received a letter in the mail that both blessed and shocked me.  it caused me to sit down, re-read it again, just so i didn’t go and make a fool out of myself.  the letter was from gwen marston.

it seems as though gwen was trying to get hold of me and wasn’t having the best of luck.  if you remember, 2 weeks after returning from her retreat last september, we sold our house and moved a month later.  that meant new phone number and new address.  i notified family and friends of our new address and phone number, and although i dearly admire gwen, she wasn’t one of the folks that i contacted with the new info.  i mean, it wasn’t like she was prone to give me a ring often. 😉  so, when she got the “disconnected” recording after she called our old phone number, she sat herself down and wrote me a letter….which would take 3 weeks to reach me since it had to be forwarded to our new address.  oh, but it was so worth the wait!

remember these girls?  the quilt that i made while i was at her retreat last fall?  well, gwen has been asked to write another book, and this quilt, my quilt, is going to be in it.




i know!  talk about a wonderful, slap-me-silly surprise!

in her letter, gwen asked me to give her a call for more details.  oh sure…like we were old pals, we chatted and giggled together. 😛  i gave her my cell phone number, and she promised to keep in touch, and then we said our goodbyes.  once i got over my giddiness, the reality of all of this hit me.

oh. my. gosh.  i have to have this quilt DONE and ready to be sent off  in 9 months!  i still had another month yet of school, an upcoming move, a daughter graduating college and a trip to d.c….and this is all before june!  then, i took a deep breath and remembered that  if there’s one thing that nursing school taught me oh so well, it was to be undaunted when faced with overwhelming odds.  yeah…just smile and keep on just like you planned it all that way, being ms. cool/calm/collected.  😉

2 days after graduation, i pulled the girls out along with the backing and batting (thank goodness i was smart enough to NOT stick them in storage with the rest of my fabric) and got to work.  my girls are going to be in print, and not just in any ole’ book, but in a gwen marston book!  who knew?!?


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