trying to find my stride

silly me for thinking that once i graduated, i would be able to jump back in (with both feet, of course) to quilting and photographing and all of those lovelies that i’ve missed so desperately the past 2 1/2 years.  life has since informed me to ‘think again’…

the good news is, we’re down to the wire on wrapping up this crazy ride.  our new home is to be ready come the 14th of this month….which is the exact day that we have to be out of our rental.  that’s if everything falls into place and the planets line up, etc.  if there is a ‘hiccup’ that occurs (oh, i could write a book on those blasted ‘hiccups’!)….we are homeless, plain and simple.  our landlord wanted this house back on the market at the end of april, but allowed us an additional 2 weeks of breathing room (quite reluctantly-he’s been trying to sell it for 2 years).  so, may 14th is d-day.  we’ll either be unpacking our stuff in our new digs, OR we’ll be living beneath an underpass.  gotta love it! 😉

just to make things a bit more interesting, my schedule for the next several days look like this:

~friday:  husband flies back in from texas at/around noon and oldest daughter graduates college at 6

~saturday:  work

~sunday: work

~monday: youngest daughter’s class trip to d.c (i’m a chaperone)

~tuesday:  return from d.c trip at/around midnight

~wednesday: frantically start throwing the last bit of things into boxes and moving it all

needless to say, the whole pipe-dream on quilting and relaxing?  yeah…it ain’t happening none too soon.  however, in between graduating and taking boards, i was able to spend a few hours in front of the sewing machine and came away with a cute little (24″) crib quilt.  it’s all quilted and ready to go on the back of an antique deacon’s bench that will set in the foyer of the new house….or at the bottom of the hill by the underpass. 😉

my dear husband keeps spurring me on, telling me that i have another move in  me, and to find my ‘second wind’.  i dryly reply that 2.5 years of nursing school and our first move sucked that second wind right outta me.  at this point, i’m just thankful for breathing. 😉

hoping to return to ‘normal’ life (*snort*), and this space, soon….


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