making it ours

i would love to tell you that during our year long “adventure”, i was the picture of grace and patience.  i would then tell you that is a big fat lie!  truthfully, it was one of the most emotionally trying times in my life, and i don’t care to repeat it, ever.

while unpacking and getting situated in this space of ours, i’m slowly starting to feel the tension and stress of it all slip away.  i’ve also learned a valuable lesson (one of so many) through it all-don’t underestimate the ‘feeling’ of home.

the boxes are now torn down and disposed of, their contents scattered throughout and in just the right place (at least for now…).  furniture has been arranged, only to be rearranged a few times more.  we’ll get it right…there’s no hurry.

scads of treasures that were hid away way too long in storage have been rediscovered and appreciated all the more.

all together, in one place of our choosing, we can now begin to make new memories, and relish past ones.

it is so very good to finally be home.


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