the gift of words

fresh from finishing the long journey of nursing school, i chose to gift myself with something that i’ve eyed for awhile.  i had long ago picked out the charms that i wanted and they all had some sort of special meaning to me.  there’s the house that has the word “nest” etched softly on the back.  then there is a dove for “peace”, a leaf for “rest” and a beehive for “be”.   i then carefully picked 4 word charms that summed it all up:  live, love, grow, create.  all simple enough words, but ones that carry so much weight.

recently, while reading a blog, i came across some more words, ones that i knew were destined to be on my sewing room wall.

this lovely print is from the gals over at sweetwater (don’t you just love that name?).  i’ve long been a fan of their fabrics, not only for the colors, but the words just strike a chord with me.  and what inspiring words they are:  simplify, renew, enjoy life.  yes…yes, i’ll take all 3, thank you.

the most recent gift of words has struck me deeply.  i’ve read ann’s blog for years now, and i always leave  feeling refreshed and challenged.  when i found out that her new book was available, i was still knee deep in med-surg and psychology reading so i knew that it would have to wait.  finally, in april, i downloaded it to my kindle and slowly started to make my way through the pages.  it’s written as only ann can write-very poetic with deep meaning.  you want to take little bits at a time and ‘chew’ on them for awhile, and that’s precisely what i did…for a time.  at some point (maybe about 1/3rd of the way through), some things she said struck me to my core.  like a sponge, i’ve absorbed it.  i’ve since ordered myself a hard copy and am making my way through once again all while scribbling notes and high-lighting.  very few books have affected me the way this one has.  truly a gift.

“words are the voice of the heart…”


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