morning walks

Now that my youngest daughter is back in school and my oldest daughter is working during the day, I’ve found myself with some extra time on my hands and wondering what to do with it.  Quite the change from the past several years.  Crazy!  So, one beautiful morning I decided that Sadie and I were going to head out to enjoy the woods while summer was still hanging on. We have the great fortune of living about 2 minutes away from this.


up the trail by Thee Mission Homestead

I’ve come to realize that Sadie isn’t a spring chick anymore.  She’s not the only one!  This December she’ll be 9.  These girls of mine are just growing up too fast!   Anyways, spring chick or not, she thoroughly enjoyed herself, and we’ve decided to make it a habit.  Can you blame us with the view?


following the creek by Thee Mission Homestead



corgi on alert by Thee Mission Homestead


Of course, there is the occasional stopping to smell the flowers along the way.  Maybe even chase a squirrel or two.


checking things out by Thee Mission Homestead


Once we make it to the bridge, we usually stop to see the ducks and geese (need to remember to take some bread next time!), and then turn around and head back.


to the bridge by Thee Mission Homestead

And now that I’ve got myself a smaller camera (versus my DSLR) to take along with me, we can capture all sorts of shots while we’re out and about.


 waddle by Thee Mission Homestead


Of course, Sadie would probably prefer that I refrain from taking these sort of pictures and focus instead on the trees and such. 


Today I’m thankful for:


1.  Birds singing

2.  Good cookbooks

3.  Corn stalks


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