christmas in my heart


How we got from Thanksgiving to twelve days before Christmas I couldn’t tell you.   Come about the beginning of this month, I realized that I had better get moving on my Christmas shopping (remember the days when I’d have it all done before Thanksgiving?  Ahhh…) or there would be no gifts for under that tree.  Thankfully, my husband has stepped up to the plate and has wrapped just about everything.



When I pulled out all of our Christmas decorations this year (which had been in storage since October, 2010), I realized that I was in need of some more ‘personal’ touches.  Sure, I had made the family Christmas quilts a few years back, but as far as other things we were definitely lacking.





Then I thought, wouldn’t it be neat to make it a tradition that I make something for Christmas EVERY year (too much turkey?  Maybe.).  I knew that there wasn’t enough time for a quilt, but I didn’t have many other ideas beyond that.  Internet searches were pretty useless, so I turned to my folder of inspiration;  just little snippets I find here and there and save for that ‘someday’.



I had done very little with wool and my knowledge on embroidery had consisted of about 2 stitches, but I wasn’t going to let that deter me!  I diligently plowed into unknown territory and figured that I had to start somewhere.  Besides, I love Dickens and this quote had always struck me as good advice to abide by.




I finished it up last night and then proudly framed it and hung it in our foyer.   It’s not perfect, but I learned a lot doing this little gem, and I definitely see myself doing a few more of this for different areas of Thee Homestead.  Now while I’m working around the home, I’ll detour through the foyer just to see my handwork.  Love it!   Makes me want to have some wassail.


Today I’m thankful for:

1.  Cedar and balsam candles

2.  Hot showers

3.  Red mixers


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