2012: Renew

Last year around this time, I noticed various bloggers participating in what I thought was a great idea:  choosing a single word and striving to work the ideas from that word into your daily life.  Brilliant.  The problem was, last year at this time I was just looking to survive.  Privately, I guess I did adopt my own word for 2011, and it was endure.  Since I’m here a year later I guess I did achieve just that, however I’m not so sure how well.


For the past couple months, I’ve been pondering this idea yet again and have decided that I will indeed participate again this year, but in a more public manner.  Lots of thought went into deciding just what it is that I wanted to work on-there’s just so many options!  After coming up with a word, I pondered it for even longer (why is it I just can’t make simple things simple I ask you?!).  Yes…I believe that I’m onto something and am ‘officially’ proclaiming it (oh the pressure).



to begin or take up again; resume.


to restore or replenish: to renew a stock of goods.


to make, say, or do again.


to revive; reestablish.

to become new or as if new again 


I also found it interesting that synonyms associated with renew include:  re-create, rejuvenate, regenerate, reinstate, mend.   Yes, yes and YES!


The past 2.5 years have been…..crazy.  The results of that craziness have been wonderful, but it sure can wear a person out both physically and mentally.  Yes, I need to renew myself, probably more mentally than anything.  For the past few months I’ve been working on doing just that, but I think I’m just scratching the surface.  Let’s see what 12 more months of renewing can do, shall we? 


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