To those of you that were regular visitors to the blog I’ve been keeping over at Blogger for the past 2 years…yeah.  It’s gone.  It’s taken me a few weeks to just accept the fact and get over it, although it’s not like I was a very faithful blogger.  Just knowing that it was there and I could ramble on demand was somewhat satisfying I guess.

Anywho, we’re gonna just blame it all on the Flickr folks, ‘kay?  If they wouldn’t have gone and made a miserable mess out of the site, I wouldn’t have moved all of my photos (thousands) to Ipernity.  i tried to like the “new” Flickr…for 6 weeks or so.  Just couldn’t do it.  So, since my photos were all gone from Flickr, they all disappeared from my blog.  I knew this, but was willing to go back through all of those posts and re-insert (that’s how much I hate the “new” Flickr, folks).    I put everything over there to private since I knew it would take me a week or so.  Yeah.  Next time I popped back in, everything was gone.  Poof.

I think it’s a conspiracy, personally, between Blogger and Flickr.

Instead of starting from scratch, I may just pick up where I left off from here.  Sound like a plan?


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