the week after

i hope everyone had a wonderful christmas and got their fill of eggnog!  our christmas was wonderful, albeit busy.  but now…now, it’s nice and peaceful with a much slower pace.  i have a full week off before i head back to classes, and i plan on squeezing as much out of this week as possible. 

so, i’ve got my morning things done, have a nice roast in the oven and it’s looking like this outside right about now…

…only, with a lot more blowing going on.  brrr!  but, the girls and i are all snug in the house with a stack of dvds to watch, and i have some hand-work to do on another stone tree.


hope to be back come wednesday with some finished quilt pics for you!  until then, stay warm!

living fall

here in the northeast last weekend, we got our first little taste of winter.  it wasn’t pretty.  cold, windy, snow, freezing rain, ice…blah.  so, when the weather made an abrupt change these past few days, i knew that we had to get out and really soak it in before winter comes back around and set up camp.  care to come along and crunch through the leaves with us?

an autumn walk

fall treasures

can you smell fall in the air?  that musty, crisp scent that makes me think of pumpkin pie, apple dumplings and coffee.  okay…now i’m hungry.  but really, it’s a comforting scent to me.  makes me think of snuggling under quilts in front of a fire with a plate of gingersnaps (there’s the food again!).

back to the bridge

as the girls and i made our way through the crunchy, carpeted woods and came upon the footbridge, something seemed familiar.  it has been a couple of years, and there were less leaves though.  i thought about how my life has changed in the past 2 years.  change can be tough, but this has been a good change, and i know that i’m heading in the right direction.

i couldn’t help but relate this autumn walk to our human walk.  we ventured out yesterday in hopes of soaking in the beautiful day…just to enjoy it while we still could.  we need to soak in every day as if it is our last…live it to its fullest and savor every last drop.

here’s hoping that you get out and soak in today. 🙂


introducing raisin by you.


peter resting by you.

and peter.

several years ago (well over 10), my husband had promised to get my oldest daughter a bunny.  she was very good and patient in waiting for her father to follow through.  time passed.  after awhile, i think she figured out that it wasn’t going to happen.  it eventually became a joke between the two of them (“you mean, you fell for that?!”) and she came to accept the fact that there would be no bunny in her future.  her younger sister even tried on that plea with no success.  i reminded them both that i was promised some goats and cows (and maybe even a horse or two) years ago…and i’m still waiting.

a couple weeks ago my husband called me and told me that he was on his way home.  he wanted me to have the girls come out and meet him in the driveway when he got there.  knowing him the way i do, i started to get nervous.  you just never know what to expect from that man.  however, once the girls saw him coming down our dirt road, they went out and waited.  i didn’t follow immediately since i was in the middle of something.  my curiousity go the best of me when i heard the squeals though.

introducing peter by you.

i’ve been assured that they are both males and only a few weeks old.  regardless, these little buggers stole my heart instantly.  how can they not?  i spend as much time as the girls holding and cuddling and yes, squealing over the absolute, downright, honest-to-goodness cuteness.

lounging by you.

now, when my husband pulls into the driveway, i anxiously peek out to see if he’s got a goat or cow in the back of his truck for me….cuz, he did promise.  i’m not holding my breath though.