Yes, it’s been awhile but then that seems to be the trend, right?  It’s been a long winter, but a good winter.  I know…from the girl that use to hate winter!  I am ready for spring though, so don’t panic.

I can’t say that I’ve been extremely productive the past few months, but I have been focused.  I’ve been working on my photography and finding myself falling in love with it all over again.  A little rusty at first, but that was to be expected.  All of the above photos are straight out of the camera though, so I’m happy with how things are going.

A little quilting has been happening, and I’m waiting on a rug hooking pattern as well.  As far as decorating (oh yes, it’s an ongoing thing with me.  Fun!), the master bedroom is in the works.  It takes me awhile though because I’m decorating with antiques, so it’s either trolling Etsy and Ebay, or various flea markets (which start rolling again in May.  Can’t wait!).

That’s about it from here.  I’m expecting a new lens later in the week, so don’t be surprised if I just throw up some random pictures from time to time!

Be a blessing…!


new year, new generation



A new year brought a new title for me…grandma!  I know, I’m still struggling with the fact that my daughter is old enough to be married let alone old enough to be a mom!  Little Miss Dulcie arrived safe and sound on December 21 and I adore the little squirt!


Me…a grandma.  Huh.




To those of you that were regular visitors to the blog I’ve been keeping over at Blogger for the past 2 years…yeah.  It’s gone.  It’s taken me a few weeks to just accept the fact and get over it, although it’s not like I was a very faithful blogger.  Just knowing that it was there and I could ramble on demand was somewhat satisfying I guess.

Anywho, we’re gonna just blame it all on the Flickr folks, ‘kay?  If they wouldn’t have gone and made a miserable mess out of the site, I wouldn’t have moved all of my photos (thousands) to Ipernity.  i tried to like the “new” Flickr…for 6 weeks or so.  Just couldn’t do it.  So, since my photos were all gone from Flickr, they all disappeared from my blog.  I knew this, but was willing to go back through all of those posts and re-insert (that’s how much I hate the “new” Flickr, folks).    I put everything over there to private since I knew it would take me a week or so.  Yeah.  Next time I popped back in, everything was gone.  Poof.

I think it’s a conspiracy, personally, between Blogger and Flickr.

Instead of starting from scratch, I may just pick up where I left off from here.  Sound like a plan?


Some of you long-time readers may remember this which was originally posted on February 10, 2007:



this morning, i woke up and put my game face on.  i was going to finish  the quilt.  i wasn’t going to kill time doing other piddly things (besides…i couldn’t come up with anything new anyways).  no, this quilt was not going to go another day undone. 

just to refresh your memory, we started out with a basketful a few weeks ago…





…and we ended up with this…..



now, let’s recap the stats for this quilt:

-started January 1, 2006

-did 2 blocks a day until 702 blocks were made (december 17,2006)

-all civil war reproduction scraps

-top completed february 10, 2007

-there are 9,464 strips


Yes, that was almost 5 years ago that I finished my little log cabin quilt.  Five years.  !!!  Is it quilted yet you ask?  Nope….not yet.



But at least I’ve started quilting it!!


Yeah, I know…I had said that I was going to have it machine quilted, but golly, the more I thought about it, the more I didn’t like that idea.  This quilt is didn’t ‘call’ for machine-quilting in my eyes.  Nope,  no matter how tough it was going to be to hand-quilt this bugger, I was going to do it…and I am.  Honestly, it hasn’t been that bad at all.  I’d say that it’s “well seasoned” after 5 years, wouldn’t you?


I’m off to stitch some more on it while it’s snowing and so cold outside my window right now.  A roast is in the slow cooker and a fire is going in the fireplace.  Mmmm….life IS good.